A home is a place where you walk in for relaxation after a hectic day. Thus it is essential to keep the interiors of the home visually beautiful. With time, the walls might start looking old and worn out. The colours tend to fade, and the paint might come off from several parts of the house. If you have such signs, then be sure that it’s time to refresh the home interiors.


However, the mere thought of interior designing brings the thought of a huge investment in an individual’s mind. You’ll come across several professionals designing home interiors in Kolkata who can offer you ample affordable options. Hence, choose from the budgeted options rather than opt for the expensive designs. Making a hole in the pocket is certainly not the intention.

5 budget-friendly ways to refresh your home interiors in Kolkata

Change window frames

A room is like a photo where the window frames act as the frame. Without making much hype, you can easily change the window frames and add a new look to the interiors of your home. Add flowy curtains along with the same and give a completely new look to your home interiors. This is a cost-effective option and does not require changing the entire look of the house’s interiors.

Add pattern designs on walls

Statement walls are the new trend. You can opt for a statement wall on one side of the room, and the room’s entire look will be changed. Colourful patterns, designs and stickers are available nowadays. They make the complete makeover of the room. Moreover, they are cheap and don’t need high cost.

Bring in a new carpet

Rugs and carpets add warmth to a room. Bring in a new and colourful carpet for the room that you’re planning to renovate. This new addition will add glamour to the complete design of the room interiors.

HangĀ  unique photos

Make the walls lively by hanging photos of the lovable moments. Joyous and brimming photos will make the walls look bright and will cover the dullness of the room. Instead of opting for a complete painting and makeover, this is certainly a brilliant option.

Decorate with existing items

Without spending on new items, you can redecorate your home with the existing items, bookshelves and other accessories. The home already has different shelves and bookcases that can effectively decorate the walls and every room corner.


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