Hiring the interior decorator in Kolkata comes in handy if you want your dream home vision to become a reality. Moreover, the interior design trends never go out of style. This is why you can incorporate them to boost your property value. When you move into your new home, you want to increase its value by investing in beautiful interior design. Your home is a haven of peace and security. To transform it into a comfortable living space, you must update different parts/aspects of the house.


Interior Design Tips to Increase Home Value  

1. Paint It  

It is one of the easiest and affordable ways to make home improvements. You should paint your house interiors and exterior to achieve a complete look. A freshly painted room looks updated, organised and clean. It translates into greater property value.  Ask professional help and choose between a palette of bold or neutral colour shades. Enhance your home decor by matching the painted walls with creative accessories.  

2. Make the rooms appear bigger.  

This is a significant way of increasing your property or home resale value. You can try replacing your furniture with other options that fit the scale of your room. You must try to avoid the clutter so that the rooms appear spacious. The furniture placement should be at par with the room’s square footage. All this will directly affect the price and perception of your home.  

3. Check the flooring   

Floorings that looks worn out, like rugs and carpets, sneak up on you with time. You may not realise the wear and tear because you are used to seeing it. The interior decorator will help you take a close look at your flooring. They will suggest new options after cleaning the floors thoroughly.    


4. Renovate the kitchen    

Kitchen remodelling is bound to enhance the home property value. Buyers today look for updated kitchens with a multi-functional layout. The interior designers can offer you multiple options to spice up your kitchen space. Even a minor change averages 83% return on investment. You can incorporate functional closets, install energy-efficient appliances, laminate or granite countertops for better value. 


5. Custom closets 

  While adding value to your home, most professionals will suggest the idea of installing customised closets. They ensure maximum storage space and add a luxurious feel to the household. Potential buyers will look for storage options before investing in a home. This is why it is advisable to choose custom closets with a high-end finish.  

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