When your bathroom space is limited, you must learn how to decorate it within that limited space access. Though most of the interior designers, as well as the homeowners, find small bathrooms tough to design, it can be an intriguing project too. You can save money because of the small and compact space for their bathroom.

However, the modern interior decorators take this as a challenge and present some amazingly creative ideas for small bathrooms. These experts of home interiors in Kolkata understand how to utilize that small space for making an alluring and functional bathroom.

Tips for Small Bathroom Design

  • Have a Big Mirror

Small bathrooms must have big mirrors. Use the wall to have a mirror which will make your bathroom looks larger than its actual size. This will help you to have the feeling that you are standing inside a large bathroom irrespective of the size of the same.

  • Avoid Items That Jut Out

Items that stick out from the bathroom walls should be removed to have a clear look. Such items make the space look overloaded. Hence, they are not ideal; especially not for the narrow bathrooms. Have the towel bars at the back of the bathroom door instead of the left or right sidewall.

  • Have a Blue Ceiling

Have a piece of sky up on the bathroom. This will always make the bathroom look more open and larger than it actually is. Have sky blue colour for the ceiling and paint some white cloud on the same to have that refreshing and large view of the bathroom.

  • Have Smart Storage Ideas

The storage space in a bathroom determines the total functional space you can have in that area. Be creative and smart while design the storage space. Your interior designer will help you in having the best storage inside the bathroom without occupying too much space.

  • Install Diagonal Floor Tiles

Small bathrooms must have diagonal floor tiles. This will make the floor look a bit larger than it actually is. Whenever you step inside the bathroom, you can feel that you are standing in a large one.

There are many other brilliant ideas of designing and decorating small bathrooms within the limited space. You should contact the best interior designers to have some smart ideas for your small bathroom.

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