Summary: The blog talks about popular kitchen design ideas that are suitable for the Indian kitchen.

Food is an essential part of our culture as Indians. The flavours of delicacies cooked in an Indian kitchen is to die for. With food being so close to your heart, the kitchen can’t be neglected. Your kitchen is not only a place to cook food, but it is also a social hotspot. You spend a fair amount of time in your kitchen every day, and, naturally, you want it to look amazing.  If you need the help of a reliable and experienced Marvel Interiors then You should hire an interior designer in Kolkata. Here are twenty kitchen design ideas that will help you in designing the kitchen of your dreams:image 1

Top 20 Kitchen Design Ideas for the Indian Kitchen

  1. An all-white kitchen is a classic to start with. It makes your kitchen look cohesive and gives the illusion of an open and bigger room.
  2. The grey colour palette should be your choice for an industrial kitchen with steel fixtures and concrete finishes. 
  3. Expand your kitchen and merge it with the living room to make it an open kitchen. 
  4. Use glass and have big windows to make the most of the natural lights you are blessed to have in your kitchen.
  5. If you want some privacy, choose glass partitions. Frosted or tinted glass gives you enough privacy without blocking the lights and making the place look dull.
  6. Use wood and experiment with different colours and finishes.
  7. Don’t waste the corner space. Make the most out of corners by installing corner cabinets.
  8. Simple walls can get boring with time. You can use tiles on one or multiple walls to add an edge to your kitchen.
  9. Natural stone counter tops like granite are one of the best options for Indian kitchens. 
  10. A cheaper alternative to tiles is using wallpaper. You can choose from a variety of prints and patterns to adorn your kitchen walls.
  11. If you have an oversized kitchen, utilize the extra space by building a kitchen island. 
  12. Similarly, if more than one person is going to work in the kitchen, try partitioning it with central counters. 
  13. If you are running short on storage space, don’t forget the wall, build double cabinets. 
  14. Experiment with bold colours like yellow and red as a pop of colour.
  15. For a more subtle look, incorporate pastels in your kitchen.
  16. Use glass cabinets to have visual access to every cabinet.
  17. If you enjoy eating in the kitchen, build a breakfast counter.
  18. Add a touch of luxury to your kitchen by using designer kitchen items.
  19. Marble is another widely used material in the kitchen that is classic and timeless. 
  20. Angular counters give out a sharp and clean look to modern kitchens. 

To find out what is best for you, you can contact Marvel Interiors. They will help you in deciding what is best for you.