Interior decoration is an important part of building or renovating a home. This is the field where you can explore your imagination and reflect your taste in finer things. You can try several interior decoration ideas to get a pleasant look in your room.

Why try Traditional Indian Decor?

Traditional Indian interior decor is one of the best ways to reflect the beauty of your interiors. The decoration is intricate, detailed and consists of various elements. You need to collaborate with a well known interior designer in Kolkata to get the best results.

Components of Traditional Indian Interior Design:

This blog will tell you about the necessary elements of Traditional Indian interior designs. You can capture the essence of the authentic Indian art of decorating a house by applying these.

  • Solid Wood Furniture:

    This is an integral element of interior decoration that you cannot afford to miss. Try to add crafty furniture made of solid wood to your room. It may contain subtle elements of craft, like wooden carvings or metal armrests. You may try wooden chests, stools, corner tables and centre tables to add a traditional vibe.

  • Comfortable Seating Arrangements:

    In Indian homes, you can find ample provisions for seating. The seating spaces are generally cosy and informal in tone. It is common to find high chairs and sofas in a typical Indian living room. You can also try to add a swing to make the space look more welcoming. For floor decoration, you can add decorative mats or rugs.

  • Vibrant Colour Tones:

    Indian decor is characterised by bright colour tones. Multiple shades and tones are used on the walls to give the room a consistent look. Earthy tones like brown and deep shades of orange can be used on the floors and walls. You can also try bright shades of pink, blue and green.

  • Natural Motifs and Patterns:

    Patterns are a nice way to make your home decor look classy and contemporary at the same time. You can consult with your interior designer to incorporate trendy motifs. In traditional Indian homes, you can find the incorporation of various natural patterns and motifs. You can go for mandala and paisley to give your property a refined look.

To try traditional elements of interior decoration, consult with Marvel Interiors. You can get help from top interior designers in Kolkata by calling us. They can help you to incorporate an authentic artistic look into your room. We can also offer you various trendy interior decoration ideas.