While styling your home, a lot of factors harmonise to come into play. The design should meet the eyes, transforming all features to make it appear functional yet elegant. This is what makes the house a home. However, between selecting furniture and experimenting with paint, even a single mistake can ruin the entire outlook of the room.

So, instead of continuing to make these stupid, expensive mistakes, you can ask the professional Interior Decorator in Kolkata to help. They provide practical tips and strive to fulfill your aesthetic needs for home decoration.

In this blog, we will discuss the commonly recurring interior designing ‘faux pas’ that you should avoid. The key is thoughtful planning and smart choices to make the space look imaginably beautiful.

Interior Decoration Mistakes to Avoid

1. Ill-Fitting Furniture

It is overwhelming to re-decorate the house from scratch. People tend to avoid a key element- scale. If you get the scale wrong with furniture, something is likely to appear off. It can cheapen the space.

Fix: Scale and proportion is the holy grail of design. While buying new furniture, pay attention to size and measurement. Consider the scale of other elements inside the room to achieve a balance. Aim to layer furniture of varying heights, with high and low accents, resembling a city skyline. If every object is of the same size, the room will look like a mess.

2. Bad lightings

The use of proper lightings can instantly transform the room. It contributes to boosting the room’s aesthetics while rendering a sense of sophistication. If the lighting fixtures wash over you, it is harsh and unflattering.

Fix: Having a plethora of varying light sources creates a subtle ambience. The trick is layering the lights for added effect. You can start with natural lights by adding mirrors inside the room to illuminate. Then there is the main light, which will ensure less shaded regions. For the workspace, use a desk light; for
the reading area and or balcony, use decorative lights. You can also ask the interior decorator in Kolkata for more help.

3. The wrong rug

A rug is a large part of the home décor, and you should choose it wisely. To cover maximum space, homeowners often go for the XXXL size. This makes the room look cramped, unbalanced and design-less. The right rug size creates scale and impression.

Fix: For the living room, place the rug closer to the sofa walls. If you have a small rug, re-use it and fix space utilisation by placing a bigger rug underneath it. Rugs create the central focus of the furniture, it zones the living room area and renders warmth, cosiness, and comfort. For the bedroom, select the right
rug according to the bed size.

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