The world is in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, and almost the entire population is home-bound.  So, everyone is thinking about a suitable option to utilise the time at home. Several architects and interior decorator in Kolkata have provided their essential inputs about the home styling themes that anybody can attempt to make their place look more Instagram-commendable. It applies to all residences from the large family home to a medium-sized home filled with friends.

This is the ideal time and opportunity for you to get around to doing that bit of DIY you’ve been putting off, regardless of whether it’s painting your room dividers, finding the ideal corner couch or creating your gallery on that wall.

The best part is that the vast majority of these ventures ought to be feasible with what you have lying around the house – or with a bunch of new buys – and there are no tradesmen required. So, read on for some genuine home-style motivation.

  1. Turn your wall into a personal gallery

Framing a photograph and hanging it in a particular area of your wall could give an aesthetically pleasing view and can hold the viewer’s attention for a more extended period. This can be done by using doorframes and windows in your photos. Shooting through these frames could give an entirely different perspective. Another tip can be using solid wooden frames which is an easy way to ramp up the look of your wall.

  • Clear the junk and clutter

If you take a look at any wall designed by an interior designer, you will see that it is properly arranged and clutter-free. For example, if there are books, antics and other decorative figures, each of them is well organised. Nothing of it looks overcrowded.

You can take up some time to de-clutter the physical and visible places in your room to make them look more arranged. The living room, kitchen shelves and bookcases are some visible spaces you might want to look into. Once this is done, you can find out several beautiful spots at your room to get photos clicked. This also helps you to think clearly and provide you with mental space.

  • Create a separate space for toys

One of the most beautiful areas in your room can be created by using toys. You can include collectables and other small decorative stuffs that you collect while travelling places. Hanging toys can also make up for a proper backdrop for your photos.

  • Display the Outdoors

As per the current trends, people are turning more environment friendly. So, I feel it is a great idea to bring the concept indoors. This makes your room more Instagram friendly. Moreover, you can choose eco paints, upcycle and use home décor plants as well. It helps to keep your home fresh and the air clean. Faux plants are great for your room. It gives that detailed look to your Instagram.

  • Use a lamp for a spotlight

Do you know what the most critical component for interior photographs? Lighting it is. It is vital to have proper interior lighting if you want to get that perfect Instagram picture. During the daytime, you have natural light. However, the colour of the sun keeps on changing with time. This gives a different feel and mood to your photos. In the case of artificial lights, they should be placed strategically to provide a proper look to your photos. Move around your lamps in your room to find what suits you.

All these ideas if used and improvised properly could give an entirely different look to your room. You can always take up suggestions and ideas from some interior decorator in Kolkata for your house. This will take up quite some time during the lockdown and will ensure a productive use of your time and space.