Choosing the right type of furniture can be as complicated as it sounds, especially if you have a small apartment. With big apartments, you can mix and match different types of furniture to create your style, but that option isn’t available in small apartments. But no need to worry as home Interiors in Kolkata have some idea for your small apartment that will blow everyone’s mind instantly after entering in your house. So here are some furniture items that will add that extra cosiness and make your apartment unique from everyone else’s.

Sofa cum Bed

Sofa cum beds are the most essential yet cosy and fun furniture item you should go for your small apartment, as:

  • It is much space saving
  • it is cosy and looks cute
  • Can be used as a sofa for your guests and as a bed at night time.
  • Can even fit in the smallest room in your apartment.

Also, it comes in various shapes and sizes, decorate them with cute pillows and cushions to make them look and feel lovely.

Bean Bags

Bean bags are most people’s favourite items to put in their house.

  • Bean bags are very cosy and fun.
  • It takes minimum space of your room.
  • Being very lightweight, you can often change its space.
  • Cheaper than any sofa or sitting furniture items

Bean bags are also available in different colours you can choose whatever suits you the best.

Ladder Shelf

Ladder shelves are very much in trend right now, and they are meant for small, cool apartments. If you are a bookworm and own a lot of books, then go for these ladder shelves over traditional shelves.

  • They take very less space
  • look very cute and stylish
  • Can hold a lot of books or any other household stuff.
  • Cheap and comes in multiple colours.

Swing Chair

Swings chairs are one of the many furniture items that people are opting over any fancy chairs these days.

  • They are space-saving
  • costs half of a fancy chair
  • makes a statement look
  • loved by children and young peoples

So, you can add a swing chair to your living room.

And this is the end of the suggestion list, these four furniture items for small home interiors in Kolkata will make your apartment look different, very stylish and will make you feel cosy every time.