When beautifying your house, ceiling decor plays a massive role. Many companies offer a plethora of options regarding interior decoration in Kolkata. However, choosing becomes a little confusing. As a homeowner, you will likely customise your ceiling according to your preference. 

How about opting for a false ceiling? Generally having a wood or metal framing support, the false ceiling is designed in such a way that it lies under the existing ceiling.

Nowadays, false ceiling installation has become a common practice.

Here are five impressive false ceiling designs to make your home look more elegant and sophisticated.


  1. Plaster of Paris: A trend that includes the projection of patterns, this design option will surely make your home look oh-so-gorgeous. This kind of ceiling is completely made of Plaster of Paris. As elaborate designs, they provide space for décor as well as lights that can hang from the ceiling.
  2. Geometrical: Seriously, this kind of design is remarkably unique. A blend of traditional and contemporary styles, geometrical designs allow playing with shapes. You may use simple or layered designs according to your needs and requirements.
  3. Boxed Ceiling: A boxed ceiling with embedded lights makes your home look modern and stylish. It is ideal to add a quirky look to your abode, especially on big occasions.
  4. Single Layer: A single-layered false ceiling will never overshadow your room yet make it look chic. You can experiment with colours or add lights to make this design look more appealing. 
  5. Multiple Layers: The more the layering, the more the grandeur. You can select from a broad range of colours and textures to add the wow factor. You can play with the lighting as well. This is the right choice if you want your room to look larger and more spacious. 


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