Utilizing quality materials is one of the crucial elements of decorating the interiors of a property. This holds true for decorating both residential and commercial buildings. While decorating the walls and ceilings is the primary requirement, a property owner should also be attentive in decorating the floors.

Why Install Marble Flooring?

When you think of installing quality materials on the floor, marble is one of the leading choices. It adds sophistication and variety to your interiors, making them look way more classy. Marble is a material that can reflect the beauty of your room based on its color scheme and finishes.

Top Options for Marble Flooring Finishes in Home:

In the following part of this blog, you will find more about the common marble flooring finishes. You can get the best interior decoration assistance from a specialist in decorating home interiors in Kolkata.

  • Tumbled Marble Finish:

    These marble tiles are a bit different in look from regular marble tiles. These have rounded edges and are chipped at the corners. In the initial days, the marble flooring may look old and distressed. However, after a few days of use, the marble can enhance the overall look of your property interiors.

  • Honed Marble Finish:

    If you want to spruce up the beauty of your kitchen and dining space along with others, this is the marble flooring finish to try. It has a matte finish that can give your cooking space a classy look. Characteristically, it is more porous than polished marble floorings. This makes it highly resilient and virtually protected from damage caused by friction.

  • Glazed or Polished Marble Finishes:

    It is by far the most common marble flooring finishes that you may find in properties. It makes the surface shiny and sleek, thereby improving the aesthetics of the space. As it is smooth, it is much easier to clean and maintain. It will be easier for you to spot if there is dust on the upper surface or the joints of the flooring. However, it is advised not to install these types of marble flooring in wet areas like bathrooms.

As you can see, there are different types of marble flooring finishes to choose from. Whether you are decorating your new house or modifying its existing look, you can try them according to your requirements. To get quality flooring solutions, you can contact an expert source like Marvel Interior. We are a leading name for designing and decorating home interiors in Kolkata. For more details, you can visit our website.