When we decorate our interiors, we should attempt for a floor to ceiling streamlining. Overlooking any part of the room will affect the room’s overall aesthetics. Like floors and walls, it is important to decorate the ceilings as well.

About False Ceiling:

Applying false ceilings is a popular choice among builders nowadays. It is a modern interior decoration idea that can be seen in the living rooms. It is made of light materials that can be designed in different ways. The false ceiling also plays a crucial role in controlling the room’s temperature.

Top Reasons to Try False Ceiling in the Interiors:

If you are looking for a unique design idea for your ceiling, you can try false ceilings. To get better suggestions, you can contact a professional interior decorator in Kolkata. Below, you can find the top reasons for trying this type of ceiling design idea.

  • The false ceiling is made from fireproof materials. If there is a fire in the home, the false ceiling can protect it from spreading fast. It creates different compartments, giving you ample time to douse the fire.
  • Installing a false ceiling helps you to arrange lights in your room perfectly. You can try LED lights, track lights and cove lights. It gives you a better option for overhead lighting. You do not need to install lights on the walls, which gives you extra space for decoration.
  • A false ceiling can control the interior temperature effectively. The space between the false ceiling and the actual ceiling creates an air pocket. This causes perfect insulation as your room remains cold during summer and warm in winter. The insulated ceiling also helps your AC to cool the room faster.
  • It is an effective interior design idea to make your room look cosy. Apart from reducing the height of the ceiling, a false ceiling can also contain electrical and cable wires. It can also be customized according to the colour and design of the walls.
  • Installing false ceilings is also a great addition to controlling the sound in the room. The space between the actual and false ceilings creates an empty air space. This can reduce the external noise coming inside the room.

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