When you feel a nip in the air and get excited by an astounding view of Shiuli and Kash Flowers on the way, you can be sure that Durga Puja is just around the corner. It is the greatest Festival of the Bengalis and is celebrated in several Eastern Indian states.

Modify Your Room:

During this time, shopping and modifying the house is an important trajectory. Everyone wants to give a fresh look to their property during this time. By consulting with a qualified professional of interior decoration in Kolkata, one can prepare their property interiors for the Pujas.

How to Recreate Puja Vibes with Interior Decoration?

In this blog, you can learn more about integrating the theme and essence of Durga Puja into your home interiors. The tips can be effective in giving you the traditional Puja vibes even when you are indoors.

  • Decorate the Dining Hall:

    Durga Puja is all about gorging on some delicious foods. From the delicious Khichuri bhog of Ashtami to sweets, you can enjoy it all in your dining room. You can eat with so much joy when your dining room matches the Puja theme. The most useful tip is decorating the dining table with pure cotton mats. You can also be creative with the wallpaper of the hall.

  • Add Murals:

    Durga Puja seems absolutely incomplete without the adda with friends. If you have plans to have long talk sessions with your friends at home, you can decorate your balcony. Make it cosy by adding a sofa or a couch, and add the Puja vibe with a mural or a traditional Painting. The walls and the railings can be highlighted with fresh garlands and strings of rice lamps.

  • Recreate the Pandals at Puja Room:

    If you want to recreate the Vibes of the Pandal in your room, this can be a great tip for decoration. Though it is a bit challenging to replicate the exact feel of the Pandal, you can try some simple additions. Hang some lanterns from the ceiling, and make the rooms colourful with bright rangolis.

These are some interior decoration ideas with which you can recreate the Puja vibes in your home interiors. To get tips for interior decoration in Kolkata from a team of professionals, you can consult Marvel Interiors. We are one of the reputable sources who can provide you with tips to decorate your home by perfectly matching the Durga Puja theme. For more details, visit our website.