Of all the rooms in your house, the living room is the most important. The process of decorating it can feel daunting. This is why it is advisable to consult professional decorators. The aim is to balance aesthetics and functionality for the living room. The decorators for home interiors in Kolkata take care of this aspect, so it appeals to everyone.


Decorating the Living Room Space 


  • Measure the space 


Before taking any drastic decision, it is advisable to have an accurate idea of the square footage area. You can seek the professionals help for this purpose. They do take measurements to find the correct size of rug and furnishings. It helps with the right window treatment. With due diligence, you can avoid spending excess time and money. Besides, your space will look better organised and balanced. 


  • Picture a layout 


Homeowners have a picture of their living room space in mind. This is why considering the room layout is vital. The interior designers consider an overall room drawing. It helps them find the right furniture and fitting. You can figure out if you have enough for storage or an additional cabinet. Besides, you can make additions as well. 


  • Lightings  


Proper lighting is required in the living room space. They help illuminate the space and add more depth. If natural light penetrates inside the room, it will accentuate the space. On the other hand, you can add artificial lighting to improve the aesthetics. Opt for layering with the lights to create a focal point. Try to blend the lighting with the rest of the interior décor as well.  


  • Balance beauty and function 


Every living room should be equal parts, beautiful and practical. It is okay to desire a dazzling space. However, you should decorate it as per your tastes and preference. For example, an ultra-stylish luxurious couch can create a focal point in the room. It will be a perfect addition if you want to hang out comfortably.  


  • Pick a nice colour palette.  


The colour scheme is important whether you prefer a monochromatic style or a few complementary colours. This is necessary to cultivate a seamless living room appearance. Eye-catching styles can be brought about with a base of black and white. Add hints of other colours in this, so the space looks harmonious. This is why deciding on a colour palette is necessary for the living room. It also ensures that the place looks clean and well organised. 


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