When it comes to home interior designing, you should consult a reputable Interior Decorator in Kolkata. They have knowledge and expertise in home decoration and designing. The decorators can transform your space beautifully with the correct implementation of home designing principles. Eventually, your house will look well put, defined, and cohesive with top design calibre.   


Basic Designing Principles for Home Interior Decoration  


You can accomplish it after proper application of all the designing elements to create a look that the client wants. You can apply them to both residential and commercial buildings.  




Every designer understands the importance of balance in home decoration. It implies an even distribution of weight so that the look is steady and upright. The designer will properly distribute the elements for an even outlook. The space symmetry should be in form, colour, pattern and more. 


Balance is of three types – symmetrical (formal), asymmetrical or (informal), and radical balance.   


  • The traditional interior design incorporates symmetrical balance. In this, both sides of the room will mirror each other.  
  • In asymmetrical balance, there is no duplication in form, colour, texture, lines etc.  
  • The decorators achieve radical balance by creating a central focal point.              




Rhythm in design is all about repeating patterns and contrasts for visual interest. You can achieve this by using the same colour too. The purpose is to move your eye smoothly around the room. They utilise the same aesthetic elements or design characteristics to create a sense of progression. An example is to arrange the fixtures from small to large or wallpaper colour hues from light to dark. 




The interior designers focus on emphasis and balance as two connected elements. They introduce this principle with a central piece of attraction, most importantly a piece of furniture. All the other designing elements begin from this dominant focal point. You can also emphasise two areas to create interest and drama. Consequently, it helps in building a good first impression. 





This is essential in terms of the colouring aspect. To make the home interior look visually appealing, the decorators focus on applying the proper colour contrasts. Examples are using black and white colours, circles and square patterns etc. The difference in colours and luminescence makes a distinguishing factor. You can create contrasts using shapes, mixing and matching, texture, colour, etc.   




Harmony is attained when all the elements come in unification to enhance the home aesthetics. Rhythm creates excitement while harmony focuses on restfulness. You can create harmony using one element or multiple different ones. 


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