Since people generally spend the majority of their time in their living room, choosing the best paint colour is more important than you think. If you are willing to create a space where you will enjoy relaxing at the end of the day, get in touch with expert interior designer and architects. There are numerous of them scattered all over Kolkata. Look for one with years of industry presence and they will let you know whether a bright, neutral or bold colour will suit your living room the best.

Top 6 Colours For Living Rooms Suggested By Interior Designers And Architects In Kolkata

  • Grass Green

Not everyone visiting an interior designing and architecture firm is aware of the fact that the easiest way to bring the outdoor beauty inside your living room is by opting for the grass green colour scheme. Being inspired by the outdoors, this shade can instantly bring freshness to any living room.

  • Ebony

Paint the walls of your living room with ebony shade and the space will look like an old cabin with ebony wood walls and soft coloured accessories. If you have a lofty living room and want the space to render a more intimate feeling, invest in a beautiful chandelier within your budget.

  • Blue

If you are willing to render that space a bright and open feel, just visit a Home interior in Kolkata and they will suggest you to opt for the ocean blue colour. This shade makes the walls look shiny and allows light to bounce throughout the space.

  • Crimson

If you don’t want your house to resemble a fire engine central, it’s better if you can avoid those extremely bright red shades and opt for the rich crimson shade. They can warm up any space with the shortest span of time. The easiest way to break the bold hue is by including furniture in your living room in contrasting shades of pink and blues.

  • Purple

If you think that the purple shade will look a bit odd in your living room, just approach an Interior Designer in Kolkata and they will suggest you to opt for this bright colour as it can easily glam up any location. If you are coating the walls with the high-gloss purple paint, opt for a velvet sofa and enhance the beauty of your room even further.

  • Ocean

The ocean shade is a jewel-toned blue which can turn out to be the ideal colour for your living room if you are willing to create a space reflecting wanderlust in the middle of your house. Opt for this shade and you will feel like you are on a vacation every moment you spend in your living room. It will become a golden opportunity for you to enjoy an island escape.

Though all the colours stated above will look beautiful in your living room, it is always advisable to approach an experienced designing firm like Marvel Interiors and they will help you choose the best among them.