In today’s time, many of us have to live in small spaces than we desired. The houses and apartments are gradually skyrocketing and thus, most of us have to settle for and in small spaces. But with the assistance of professionals like interior decorator in Kolkata, we can make the smallest of living spaces look beautiful as well as spacious, regardless of the dimensions. Besides we should never forget the golden saying – sometimes, living with less can be more.

There Are Three Main Principles To A Beautifully Designed Small Space

1st Principle:

Understand the space well and then visualize what design you would like to add to it. Understand it from before itself that there will be no room for any clutter because the room is already small. All the unusable as well as usable furniture, appliances and knock knacks have to be let go of.

2nd Principle:

As per the second principle, space must be addressed. It is possible to enlarge the room visually by its position and proposition by re-purposing the furniture. Maximizing space should be identified with the room’s theme. You can somewhat take resort to the art of illusion. Like incorporating of large windows that are as high as the ceiling, painting the walls with bright colors, choosing bright and textured wallpapers.

Also, allow significant floor space to be visible. This can be done by not incorporating skirts or frills of cloth stitched from tables and sofas.

Basic aesthetics which are also simple, work well for smaller rooms. Avoid contrast in any case. Patterns and colors that throw in the eyes.

Always have your storage space hidden from the eye. Cover the doors with wallpaper if the storage is built inside the wall. This will downsize the entire room’s cluttery feel with furniture.

Hang pictures above the eye, as advised by the professionals of an interior decorator in Kolkata. This will give the walls a visually long look. Use smaller frames and place them vertically on vertical walls and horizontally on the horizontal walls which carry space for the eyes.

3rd Principle:

As per the third principle, small space designs exuberate comfort and functionality. Sometimes, smaller space can make someone claustrophobic, but downsizing them visually can eliminate that feeling.

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